February 14, 2011

Bend Over, Roy Williams: The Game.

Kick Roy's Ass |

After Duke's thrilling comeback last week, and because we can't wait until March, let's stick it to Ol' Roy one more time.  Just hit "play game" in the lower right corner.*

*This isn't some high-tech super challenging puzzle or anything. But on the honor system, post scores in the comments.  Highest score will win pride, a special shout-out on the blog, and a mental Valentine's Day high-five.  If you cheat, you will probably be struck by lightning.  

UPDATE (11:33 p.m.): Thanks to everyone who has played CDTF's first original game. The "contest" will be running through Friday, and there may or may not be a prize involved. So make sure you give it hard to Roy.


  1. Funniest RoyWill bash I've seen in a long time, great find.

  2. I got you, Thomas. 111,029.