February 9, 2011

Can You Smell What The Rodg is Cooking?

Aaron Rodgers may or may not be replacing Mark Sanchez as my imaginary boyfriend. At the moment, it is between him and Fabio from Top Chef. He may even be replacing Drew Brees, Wonder Boy who saved New Orleans, as America’s Next Top Quarterback. Here he is, humbly joking around and holding his own with David Letterman.

I thought one of the best exchanges was when Aaron Rodgers was explaining what he thought about doing after high school. Disappointed that he did not receive any scholarship offers from Division I schools, he thought about playing baseball or joining the military. In the end, he decided to go to Butte Community College, where he could continue to play football. David Letterman, in response, quipped about “playing with grown men and criminals,” amongst other things. Aaron was all “aw shucks” and smiles. He deftly handled questions related to Brett Favre, although he did let slip that he was “the guy who took all the snaps during the off-season” and Brett “was the one who took all the snaps during the season.” It was really the only time that he made any snarky remark, which is impressive in and of itself. He threw a football to Dave, which frightened me for a hot second, because it looked like the ball was moving much too quickly for Dave’s aging reflexes. Fortunately, Dave lived.The most endearing quality about Aaron Rodgers, however, is his gold wrestling-style championship belt. Throughout the season, he pissed off opponents with a signature touchdown celebration – he gestured with his hands as if he were wrapping something around his waist, like a wrestler letting his fans know that he was hungry for a championship belt. True to his word, Aaron Rodgers went and got the city of Green Bay a championship. And in return, he was rewarded with a replica of the big gold WWE World Heavyweight Championship belt, which he AWESOMELY wore over his shoulder as he accepted the Super Bowl MVP award. The fact that Aaron Rodgers is now carrying his belt around the country with him makes me love him even more.


  1. Speaking of Gossip Girls (Nate Archibald), did you know (you may not want to know, in which case, apologies) that A-Rodg is dating the girl that plays whatserface Dan's friend-with-not-benefits on GG? Yes, it's true.

  2. Dan's lame friend Vanessa, who was a bald goth chick in the books but is portrayed as a somewhat pretty wannabe slut on the TV show?!!!


    (This is so so disappointing).