February 11, 2011

Mickey Mantle is not a cocksucker.

Mickey Mantle is probably one of my favorite Yankees ever. And this pretty much confirms it. He was a trouble-maker, no doubt, but such an entertaining one.

The year was 1972. To celebrate its upcoming 50th anniversary, the Yankees – or more specifically, the Vice-President of the Yankees, Bob Fishel – sent current and former players a questionnaire that asked them to describe their most “outstanding event at Yankee Stadium.”

Even though he was four years into retirement, Mickey Mantle, like the upstanding and lifelong Yankee that he was, took the time to respond:

The Mick was The Man. And amazingly, the documents have been authenticated. So it has now been empirically proven that Mickey Mantle was basically the greatest human being ever.


  1. I was too disturbed to read past the "outstanding experience" part to where the Mick goes into detail, but his experience getting a blow job "by the Yankee bullpen" confirms so much about everything we've ever suspected about the Yankees, particularly their bullpen (though I am a bit surprised at the Mick for accepting one from them - while I've always thought of him as a man's man, it was never in the literal sense).

  2. That made me laugh. It is times like this that I wish I had a "like" button, sanfran. Unfortunately? Not an option. I tried for you, I really did.

  3. I used the like button where you posted this in FB, JHop. I almost posted this comment there as well, but I'm not sure at what level my 10 and 13 yr-old can see things I post (god, now I feel like Tom).

  4. PS - Yanks I love: Mariano, Jeter, and Cano. The rest are shit. I will now add "the Mick" to the list, but obviously for different reasons! Thank you so much for posting this - Elaine (wife) choked. Desperately trying to decide who else I can safely send it to (my Mom would probably crack up, but we're not there yet).