February 7, 2011

Seeing the Forest Through the Trees. Unfortunately.

"With his design, Hatfield wanted to pay tribute to the tree covered region and the "Tall Firs," Oregon's original championship basketball team from 1939. The stencil graphics, which were completed by United Services in Idaho, represent the view from beneath a forest full of fir trees. It took over 2,500 man hours to complete the graphics on the court."

Can someone please explain this to me? As in, why are there trees all over the court? Yes, I read the above blurb that I posted. But who cares about some elderly folk from 1939? I mean, other than the Plumlee ogres, who would be dumb enough to build a basketball court in a forest full of fir trees anyway? It looks unfinished or like there was an unfortunate explosion. And why does it seem like if a player enters the O at just the right angle, he or she will be transported through a warp zone in the floor and instantly appear in another part of the world, most likely the forests of Albania? That is where Voldemort hid one of the horcruxes. I am worried about this.

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