March 11, 2011

Also? This video never gets old.

OH, IT MAKES ME LAUGH. Such a cocky bastard. He had NO idea.  He had absolutely no f-ing idea what he was getting himself into, the pressure he would face, or how difficult it would be to win a championship. As in one. I mean, is there a chance that The Whore of Akron can win seven or eight rings by the time he retires? Sure. He is a phenomenal basketball player, and he is just hitting the prime of his career.  But his attitude sucks.  Until he learns to play well with others, or until someone bitchslaps him hard enough that he realizes the world doesn't revolve around him, Lebron will remain ringless.  And I will love every moment of it. Yay for Friday and long live Kobe's thirst for vengeance!

1 comment:

  1. I think "Whore of Akron" has got legs, Jill. It's going to stick. I will be using it as much as possible from the left coast - let's propagate it to the flyovers. Weird, as I have been following Miami closely with the 13 yr-old this season. Same damn reason as you, but you put it into an easy to use "handle" - good on ya, girl!

    As to your political leanings. This former Reagan Republican had the same epiphany as yours, though earlier than you, and w/o the help of a kick-ass professor. The worst 8 years of my life as a citizen were '00-'08. I'm starting to get why you and Shane are making the liking of (some) Yankee fans a lot easier than I would ever have expected. Thanks.

    Lastly, I don't know what God of Toes (Tachille's?) Duke has managed to piss off, but we need to do some sacrificin' pretty damn quick to get this house back in order. I am tired of seeing Duke players "stump" their toes. Any ideas?