March 30, 2011

Geography 101: Sizing Up The Competition by Bra Size

From the creative folks over at Geekologie, a map of the world by breast size: 
Yeah, this is definitely not accurate or anything, because the numbers make no sense, but who cares? We do not claim to be scientists here.  And it is highly entertaining. Look, there is an equally inaccurate and humorous penis map to accompany it: 

Now you know where to go on vacay this summer. You’re welcome.


  1. I wonder what Geekology would say when they learned that 70% of American women are wearing the wrong bra size.

  2. Robes, please stop (subtly, but still) pimping Nordstrom's bra fit services in every single possible venue.

  3. I will never. It is just absolutely the most game changing thing I have ever done. Ladies, go to Nordstrom and get a bra fitting. And Carrie, stop hating.