May 25, 2011

Random Acts of Kindness: The Barry Bonds Edition (seriously).

This space is often used to call out athletes for being assholes. But we should also give credit where credit is due. And Barry Bonds actually deserves some credit.

Yesterday, Thomas Girardi, the attorney who is representing Bryan Stow in his suit against the Dodgers, released a previously unpublicized tidbit: Barry Bonds has donated scholarships to cover the college educations for Mr. Stow's two children. Without any fanfare, Bonds did this over a month ago; in fact, right after he was convicted for obstruction of justice. Although the family has returned most fan donations, this one was too special and meaningful. Bonds visited Stow on April 22nd, stayed with him for over an hour, and left a signed baseball cap.
Stow is now suing the Dodgers and Frank McCourt for a “total disregard for public safety” and seeks undisclosed damages.  As he should. When you fire your head of security before Opening Day and do not make it a priority to replace him, you deserve the consequences of your gross negligence. Especially if your negligent conduct, in part, led to some poor single dad fighting brain damage. The complaint can be found here.

I have never shied away from the fact that Bonds is a cheater and can be a supreme dick. But gold star to Barry.  And I admire him for doing this behind the scenes, without media attention. Mr. Girardi simply mentioned it yesterday because the Stow family was so excited that the Giants icon reached out to them.  God knows he has gotten plenty of bad press over the past decade, but Barry Bonds fully deserves the good press he is getting today.

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  1. Thanks for putting this out there.

    While sharing this story, I got some mixed reactions. Some said, "He can afford it, he made 20 mill,", "...least he can do...", etc. Others were truly surprised, and, like me, pleased to read some good news from this front. Hope. There is hope.

    - Manhattan Man