June 29, 2011

Asked and Answered: The Day ESPN Fixed my Life.

Yesterday, I gushed about Michael Morse and how I want to have his fantasy baseball babies. I went through a similar, albeit much briefer, experience with Eric Hosmer, who I also picked up off the waiver wire, many weeks ago. He has since tailed off a bit.  And to be honest, I did not expect to start either of them on a regular basis. In fact, I originally only picked up Morse as a week-long filler while Matt Holliday was still on the DL. But then he performed so incredibly well that I didn't want to drop him. And I was faced with a first-base clusterfuck. 
In addition to my aforementioned love affairs with Eric and Michael, I have the strapping, consistently productive Shrek Jr., a.k.a. Billy Butler, who is a hitting machine.  No joke, for the past two weeks, I have stared at Yahoo for hours, trying to determine which two should start.  I couldn't figure it out and it was driving me insane. My gut said to go with Morse and Hosmer, and trade/sit Butler; Billy has a .300+ batting average and is solid for RBIs and hits, but he lacks consistent power and any speed. Nevertheless, I did not know what to do, since Billy is the more established "star."
So when playing around on ESPN.com on Monday night, I decided to pose this question to the always awesome Eric Karabell and almost-as-awesome Jason Grey, who were both having fantasy chats yesterday.  I had never done this before.  And by “this,” I mean ask an “expert” a question online or participate in a big chat for anything.  I love reading chats, though, and I am amused by people who get infuriated when their questions aren’t answered (as if these fools aren’t aware of the fact that thousands of people submit questions). I did not expect either of them to respond.  This was the World Wide Leader, after all. So imagine my shock (and delight) when I read the chats last night and discovered that: 1) they both answered my question; 2) they both gave me the same response; 3) they both confirmed my own thoughts. 

I will not pretend to understand the enthusiasm behind, “How about that!”  But I liked it.  And not to be picky or anything, but I sort of felt like maybe Mr. Karabell, whose chat was at 3:00 p.m., should have read Mr. Grey’s earlier chat to prevent things like this from happening.  If I had not been the one asking, I would have noticed the repeated question and cursed that selfish bitch Jill from New York. Nevertheless, I am happy to have been an example of Something That Is Annoying To Other People. As geeky as it sounds, this totally made my day.  So thank you to ESPN and the fantasy baseball boys over there.  Chicks really dig responsive, chatty, intelligent men.  

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  1. Dear SB -

    I guess I'm geeky, as well. My day was made by being mentioned in a recent blog post, too. People are concerned that I'm walking around with even more of a "I'm the shit" attitude than usual. Go Braces!

    - Manhattan Man