July 11, 2011

Please Come Back for Seconds.

A big post about Derek Jeter and #3,000 is coming, but I just didn't have time to finish it this morning or upload all of the photos from the game. Blame my dad. He ventured above the Mason-Dixon Line and visited from North Cackalacky yesterday. So rather than half-ass a rather epic piece, I am just going to wait until tonight and post it after work. I apologize for the delay. Until then, chat amongst yourselves about the Homerun Derby, the All-Star Game, the incredible win for the United States in the Women’s World Cup , the Roger Clemens trial, David Ortiz’s slugfest, the Baseball Jesus himself, or, you know, whatever tickles your pickle. I hope you all have a great Monday and please check back tonight.  

P.S: That photo was taken from our incredible seats on Saturday!

1 comment:

  1. I'm so sorry your seats sucked so bad. Ill take Bautista tonight. Notice how all the Junior Circuit reps are from the AL East?

    - Manhattan Man