October 12, 2011

This made me laugh.

Too damn funny.  God, I don't know if anything could possibly top this today. Oh, wait...

Off to court, back in a few hours.  Enjoy your morning, guys!


  1. I don't want to talk about the past... wait, I do. In times like these when you have to look to your history for some solace, some comfort in the face of malaise and suckitude, I want to focus on the one guy who since '04 has always stepped up, has been the picture of consistency and can-do.

    Yes, these days are dark ones, but even at season's end, he put up a performance that made you realize not "Everything" had gone wrong. A guy who whenever the Sox needed the big moment, was there. Whenever someone had to remind us that as long as he was there, everything would be alright. Seriously, a guy who only had one bad post-season and a whole lot of great ones? How can you not love the heart, the soul?

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Red Sox Most Valuable Player since '04, and hopefully counting, Mr. Alex Rodriquez! As bad as things have gotten, just imagine where we'd be without him?

  2. I guess this is the level of discourse we can expect when your team quits, your manager quits, your GM quits...